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Mar 5, 2020

We explore why having a social mission is attractive to venture capitalists and investors. Martin is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of driving rapid scale-up growth.

He now invests solely in businesses with a social good purpose.  In this conversation, Martin shares his views on how and why every business can build social good into their core strategy.

For Martin, doing social good goes hand in hand with doing well commercially.


What's in the podcast:

0 to 1.45 Intro

1.45 - 2.38 What is Growth for Good?

3.20 – 4.30 How do you convince the cynics that profit for profit-sake is not a good strategy?

4.30 How sustainable brands are growing 50% quicker than others

5.12 – 6.07 Good business practice

6.07- 7.44 Why ensuring every employee is a shareholder – good for business growth

7.45 Criteria vital to success for start-ups

9.45 to 12.42 Link between impact and profit. Focused on the Employment and Education sectors

12.43- 14.24 Mistakes / where can it all go wrong / lessons learned

14.24 -16.16  Advice to start-up founders. Ability to pivot, share weaknesses, prepared to learn

16.30 Business can be a force for good

17.07-  18.44 Incorporating a more ethical long term approach is essential to build a better world and a better business.

18.44 – 20.30 There is absolutely no reason why you can’t build a great business, that delivers returns to investors and contributes great things for the world”

20.30-21.54 Concluding comments


Show Notes:

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The podcast is produced by Chris Huskins: